Habemus Papam

From the Holy Father’s twitter feed:Screen shot 2013-03-13 at 3.14.32 PM


Yes, we have a Pope!  Former Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio is now Pope Francis I.

Like everyone else I don’t know a lot about the new Pontiff but I’m sure we’ll all be educated in the days ahead.  One thing I know I like about this guy is that his selection was a total surprise.  For days the so-called, self-proclaimed “experts” have been telling us who the next Pope would be and Cardinal Bergoglio wasn’t on anybody’s list.

The Catholic Church is the only organization on earth that knows how to keep a secret and leave the media pundits looking foolish.

Congrats to our new Holy Father!  Way to go, Holy Spirit and Cardinal electors for pulling off such a stunning surprise!

Please pray for our new Pope!

Pope Francis I