The Holy Innocents

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Imagine a political leader so self-absorbed yet so insecure that he chooses to kill all the babies in his kingdom to ensure that he kills the one who would be king.  That’s exactly what Herod did when he heard of the birth of the Messiah.  In spite of the fact that Jesus came to bring peace, Herod wanted Him dead.

Of course his plan failed.  Joseph fled with Mary and Joseph, not returning until he heard that Herod had died.  Sadly unknown numbers of innocent children perished in the process.  Today we celebrate all those tiny souls who were martyred.

We’re horrified at the thought of killing so many children even though we kill thousands of unborn children every day in the United States.  Maybe we should reflect today not just on the first Holy Innocents but also on the modern-day Holy Innocents, thousands of whom will be sacrificed today.

Those first Innocents were martyred to save the life of Christ, a noble purpose for sure.  Thousands of babies who will die today are martyrs to the convenience, selfishness, and uncontrolled lust of selfish moms who can’t be bothered with raising another human being.  How sad.