New Links

I want to point out that I’ve added some new links for your reading and listening pleasure.  These are blogs and podcasts that I follow and that I think you’ll enjoy.

Health and Holiness.  This is just one of Father Roderick’s podcasts originating from the Netherlands.  It used to be called “Healthy Catholic”, but he changed the name to make it more inclusive.  Father records this show on a portable audio recorder while he’s out jogging or walking.  He has an amazing command of the English language for someone from Holland.  I think you’ll enjoy it, even if you’re already healthy and holy.

The Break. Father Roderick again.  This studio-based podcast gets into TV, movies, and lots of other interesting stuff.  He even mixes in a little theology.  It’s a fun show.  Check it out.

Deacons Today:  Dalmatics and Beyond.  Doctor Bill Ditewig is a professor of theology and the former head man of the USCCB diaconate office.  There’s nothing about the diaconate that the good doctor doesn’t know.  Check out his blog for the straight scoop on all things deacon.

This isn’t a new link, but one I want to point out in case you’ve missed it.  SQPN, the Star Quest Production Network puts out an assortment of shows.  Check out their web page and I’m sure you’ll find something you like.

The Holy Father has called on all of us to use social media to spread the Good News of the Gospel.  These are some excellent examples of exactly what he’s talking about.  I hope you enjoy them.