A Public Service Announcement

Here in Saint Louis and in many other areas of the country, we’re waiting for one of God’s greatest shows, a total eclipse of the sun.  This amazing event will occur on August 21.  It will follow a path from the Pacific Northwest at roughly 10:00 am local time through the Midwest, passing just south of Saint Louis at just after 1:00 pm and leaving the US at a little before 3:00 pm (all times local).

eclipse map

(map courtesy of NOAA)

There is plenty of good information on the web about this event.  We’re being warned that thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands of visitors are going to converge on our fair city and the surrounding area.  There are reports that cell phone service may be interrupted by people posting their eclipse photos on the web and that the Internet itself may shut down.  So as a service to our readers, here are some images for your use.

Feel free to send these images to your friends.  Meanwhile, stock up on your favorite snacks and beverages and watch the whole thing on television.

total eclipse

Total Eclipse

Gateway Arch

eclipse scene





Saint Louis Busch Stadium

eclipse scene


Eclipse Selfie

eclipse scene

You’re welcome.  And please, please, please don’t look at the sun without special glasses

Get free viewing glasses

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