The Feast of Saint Joseph

In my mostly Irish/American world, the feast of Saint Joseph has a tendency to get short shrift.  After all, we’ve just celebrated the feast of the patron saint of the Emerald Isle with all the associated parties and parades and corned beef and cabbage, so a feast day with little pomp and circumstance, even if it is for the man who raised Jesus, can seem a little bland.  Back in my younger days I might have even still been hung over on this particular feast day and not in the mood for additional celebration.

But, let’s face it, if not for Saint Joseph and his very critical place in salvation history there might not have been a Saint Patrick or a Holy Roman Catholic Church.  Much is made, and deservedly so, of Mary’s “yes” to the angel.  But if the Old Testament prophesy was to be fulfilled, Jesus earthly father had to be from the House of David.  And that meant Joseph.

It was very hard for Mary to take the word of the angel seriously.  “How can this be since I have no relations with a man?”  But what about the story that Joseph had to accept?  Seriously, guys, would you be so willing to buy what Mary and the angel were selling if you were in Joseph’s place?  Don’t be so sure.


So today, on this 20th of March, the first day of Spring, let us give Joseph all the honor and glory he deserves.  He’s a role model for fathers everywhere.

Saint Joseph, pray for us.

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