What’s Up with Some Protestant Ministers?

So, I followed a link someone sent me today to a sermon by a protestant minister.  The video is humorous and interesting and I decided right away that I would probably borrow some of it for a future homily of my own.  But, if you’ve ever used YouTube, you know that they give you other suggested videos that you might be interested in.  Here’s a sample of some of the titles:

I could go on and on but that would mean having to watch this stuff and frankly, I don’t have the time or the desire.  I’m also not providing links because I don’t want to encourage you to watch either.  But, if you insist, just go to YouTube and type the name of your favorite preacher followed by the word “exposed” and you’ll have enough to keep you busy all day.

Then, of course, you can find thousands of videos telling you everything that’s wrong with the Catholic Church.

Here’s the thing.  Jesus never said anything bad about people who believed differently from Him.  In fact, He often used non-Jews in His parables to make the point that there’s good in everybody.  He never said that the Samaritans were going to hell but He did say that many of his Jewish brethren were.  (See this coming Sunday’s Gospel).  Jesus was all about faith and love.  Shouldn’t we all follow suit?

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’m a Roman Catholic through-and-through.  I have major disagreements with everyone listed above.  But, I don’t think it’s my place to call them out, by name, and tell you why they’re wrong.  My place is to tell you why I believe I’m right.  I guess that’s the salesman in me.  I believe you must have a pretty weak case if the only way you can sell your product or service is to criticize the other guy.  Most people are too smart to fall for that.

It just seems strange to me that so many people who say they believe in God, and Jesus Christ, and everything else that makes up Christianity, feel like they have to attack one another.  I don’t know about you, but I’m not mad at anybody.  The false prophets will be found out soon enough.  They don’t need me to point out their faults.

Besides, as I write this, Christian churches are being torched in Egypt.  This might be a good time for all of us to get together and support all believers who are being persecuted for their faith.

9 Responses

  1. If you were told that you had been,or were being led up the wrong path,would you want someone to tell you??

  2. I would want to know– in a charitable way!

  3. The only reason that real christians, as I view them, are attacking your so called church, is because of your catholic dogmas,…..you only describe them as ‘ attacking ‘…simply because they disagree/contradict your disgusting teachings.
    The RCC is not christian..
    it is offensive that you even refer to yourself as a christian..
    you need to get yourself a proper bible mister,repent, and get saved, leave that Whore of Babylon.!!!

  4. Thank you for your response, even though it doesn’t address the point of my post. The question is why do protestant clergy, and protestants in general, feel the necessity of attacking other Christians. To respond to your comment, what exactly do you find “disgusting” about Catholic “dogma”? Why is the Catholic Church, in your opinion, not Christian? What is the basis for your characterization of the Church as “the whore of Babylon!!!”?

    Generalized, unfounded, criticism does nothing to further the discussion.

  5. Christians have always attacked people who didn’t share their beliefs. Even Jesus could be verbally abusive to those who were against him. Roman Catholics, Protestants, and Orthodox have all said strong words and killed people for having different beliefs. Though I hate to use the word “protestant” so generally (Anglicans, Pentecostals and the Amish are all “protestants” and look nothing like each other), I think Protestants are louder than others in our disagreements because we were born out of protest and disagreement. We had to defend ourselves and our beliefs, and we never really stopped.

    And of course Roman Catholics are Christians. They and the Orthodox are the two oldest branches of Christianity by a long shot.

  6. Ken, thank you for the reasoned response. I just think it’s sad that so many people who call themselves Christians feel the need to attack others. If followers of Jesus are going to prevail in our current society, I think it’s more “Christian” to focus on the things that unite us rather than the things that divide us.

    Case in point: The Robertson family of Duck Dynasty fame. I disagree with some of their Church of Christ beliefs, but I never miss an episode and admire them for the work that they’re doing. They’re certainly a positive influence in the seamy world of television.

  7. I would agree that ALL Christians, whether Protestant, Roman Catholic, Orthodox, or Mormon should work together rather than berate each other. “I’m right, you’re wrong” mentality gets us nowhere but angry with those we are called to love. “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Right?

    What I would like you to clarify in your title and your blog post, is that not all Protestants find fault with other denominations. The people you mentioned (the names I recognize) are Fundamental/Evangelical Christians, they are not mainstream, middle-of-the-road Protestants. I am Methodist. The Methodist motto is, “Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors”, and the church I am a member of works very hard at practicing that motto. We welcome EVERYONE!! EVERYONE is welcome at the LORD’S table. We are truly inclusive.

    Unlike the Catholic church, where only those worthy are welcomed at the Catholic table for Communion. I enjoy attending Mass at the Catholic cathedral in the city where I live, but I am excluded. Would Jesus exclude me? I don’t think so. Jesus would welcome ALL, just as ALL are welcomed at His table in my church.

    My prayer is that we accept our different beliefs, whether we agree or not, that we try to understand those different beliefs, and maybe learn from them. It is very disturbing to me when one Christian denomination claims that another Christian denomination is not Christian. Frankly, I hate the word Christian and the way it is used in today’s society. Why does being Christian make me better than my Jewish friends or my Muslim friend? Why does being any religion make us better than my friend who has never been affiliated with any church but is one of the kindest, gentlest, most giving people I have ever known? Why does it matter? My minister also does not like the word “Christian” and its negative connotations, so she calls herself a “follower of Jesus.”

    So ~~ Love one another as you love yourself. Love each and every person as Jesus loves them, whether Jesus is their savior or not. Love each person as if he or she could be Jesus. And, quit telling people who have different beliefs than you that they are wrong. The only “right” religion is the one that is “right” for you. And, frankly, I LOVE my “left” church.

    • You’re absolutely right about the title. You’ll notice that I’ve amended it. Obviously the people I cite aren’t representative of ALL ministers. I should know better.

      One of my best friends is a Baptist minister and, while we may disagree on some things, we agree on the most important things. Of course, as they say (whoever ‘they’ are) “the devil is in the details”. I take that statement seriously. Satan can’t dispute the fact that Jesus died to save us from our sins. There’s no point in him even trying. Where he can drive a wedge between us is on things like infant baptism, female ministers, and other smaller issues.

      By attacking one another, we just help the evil one.

  8. Thank you! And, Amen!

    I am of the firm belief we can all learn from one another. I think much of the hatred we see in the world, where religion is concerned, has to do with fear of the unknown. Rather than Christians attacking other Christians, shouldn’t we find common ground and work together for peace? WWJD?

    Why do some Christians think Catholics are not Christian? I have never been able to figure that one out since the Catholic and Orthodox churches were organized centuries before Protestant churches. As for Mormons not being Christian — it depends on who I am talking with which side of the fence I stand. I live in Utah — the Mormons are my peeps even when they drive me nuts. They may not have the same beliefs as traditional Christians, but they are good people who love God and love Jesus. (And, they still dress up for church! The women wear dresses and the men wear suits. What a novel idea to show respect for God and His house of worship by wearing their Sunday best!)

    So, again, thank you for changing the title and clarifying that not all ministers are cut from the same cloth. 🙂

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