40 Myths About the Church–The Church is a Cult

Thanks to someone named Victor Law who posted a comment on an earlier post.  I don’t believe Victor was trying to be helpful, in fact I’m pretty sure he wasn’t.  But his comment did inspire today’s post.  Among other things, Victor wrote:

“Nothing is “true” or “bad” about the Catholic Cult (Sect) according to their devout members.”

The statement seems to contradict itself, whether the Church is true or bad, but today I want to take a look at this idea that the Church is either a cult or a sect.  First of all, either term is usually used as an insult, especially when the person using them doesn’t really have anything to say.  They hope to get a rise out of us.  But, what do the words really mean?

Cult:   a religion regarded as unorthodox or spurious; also : its body of adherents.  (Miriam-Webster on-line dictionary)  A good example of a cult which most people are familiar with is the People’s Temple led (?) by Jim Jones.  In 1978 419 of this cult’s members committed suicide.  Call me silly, but there seems to be quite a difference between the People’s Temple and the Roman Catholic Church.

Aside from this little suicide thingy, the other basic difference between Catholicism and a cult, at least according to Webster’s definition is that the Church is neither unorthodox or spurious (deceitful).  Everything we believe can be found in Scripture.  Remember that for 1,500 years, the only form of Christianity was Catholicism.

So, what’s a sect?   Going back to M-W online, we find this definition: ” Sect: a dissenting or schismatic religious body; especially : one regarded as extreme or heretical.” (ibid.)  There are over 20,000 protestant denominations in the world today.  Every single one has it’s basis in Catholicism.  Who is dissenting?  Who is schismatic?  You tell me.

Words like cult and sect are useful only in the response they get.  Anyone with half a brain, Catholic or not, understands that they don’t apply to the Catholic Church.  Jesus did not say “on this cult I will build my Church.”  Hopefully Victor will comment again, this time using facts instead of insults.



2 Responses

  1. While the Catholic church are always trying to find ways to educate our protestant bros in the truth, they seem sadly happy to remain in the dark.

  2. […] members are brainwashed.  You may have read our earlier post about cults.  When Jim Jones convinced 419 people to commit suicide, that was brainwashing and […]

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