What’s Wrong with the Church?

Good question.  Depending on who y0u ask you’ll hear “nothing” or “everything” or somewhere in between..  I guess I fall into that in between grouping.  As far as the teachings of the Church, Jesus guaranteed us that the she would be free from error.  In matters of faith and morals the Church is always right.

What is wrong with the Church is the people in it, especially those who call themselves Catholic but can’t walk the talk.  Case in point, our local Jesuit University, Saint Louis U.  It’s been common knowledge here in Saint Louis that SLU lost its Catholic identity years ago.  In fact, to get public funds for its sports palace, the board of the school publicly declared that it isn’t Catholic.  Separation of Church and state and all that.

The school has a history of harboring not just non-Catholic thought but even anti-Catholic thought.  During election season you could see “Obama/Biden” signs prominently displayed in dorm room windows.  The current president, Father Lawrence Biondi (who’s in a heap of trouble himself with students and faculty) engaged in a very public spat with the Archbishop over whether the university could sell its hospital to a secular organization.  They did.

But their latest move takes the cake.  In honor of Black History Month the university has invited Toure (only one name?) to be its keynote speaker.  You may have heard of this guy.  He’s a commentator on MSNBC and recently said “Thank God for abortion.”  He said that abortion saved him. Yeah, that’s the guy we want speaking at our university.

How is the average Catholic, especially the young Catholic going to learn to respect Church teaching when institutions of higher learning who proudly wave the Catholic flag when they want money, flaunt everything the Church stands for.  SLU isn’t the first.  Remember when Notre Dame gave an honorary doctorate to the most pro-abortion president in history?  Remember when Georgetown covered up the crucifix so as not to offend that same president?

I don’t want to get on too much of a rant here,, but I think it’s high time that our bishops use their authority and put a stop to this nonsense.  The people responsible for these atrocities should be relieved of their duties or some of these so-called Cathoilic schools should be punished.  Maybe a stern warning for first offenders would be appropriate with no second chance.  Maybe we should stop funding these schools and see what happens.  Sadly true Catholic higher learning is getting very hard to find.



Toure says “Thank God for Abortion”

SLU Honors Black History Month : Saint Louis University : SLUwww.slu.eduThis year’s keynote speaker will be journalist and author Touré, who will discuss “How Racism Functions Today and Ways to Deal with it to Get Success.”

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