Wednesday of the 1st Week of Advent

advent candleLight is good.  Darkness is bad.  I know that these are generalities.  After all, the greatest event in human history took place at night; the birth of our Lord and Savior.  But most of the time, we associate darkness with loneliness, sadness, even depression.  There’s even a name for the depression that’s caused by the absence of light, seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

How fitting is it that we mark the days until the birth of our Savior by lighting candles?  Just one at first.  Then two, then three, then finally for the last week of Advent we light all four candles.  See, Jesus doesn’t come into our hearts all at once.  He lights our world one candle at a time.  We symbolize this by lighting the individual candles then on Christmas morning we’re flooded with light.  In Bethlehem a bright star led the way to Baby Jesus’ place of birth.

He had to be born at night so His Light could be seen by all, in sharp contrast to the darkness.  In our own lives, sometimes we have to endure darkness so we can appreciate the light that will surely come.  Sadly, some people just don’t have the patience to wait.

As we prepare for Christmas, notice all the lights.  Even those politically correct people who insist on wishing you “happy holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas” usually add more lights to their businesses during this special season.  For those of us who believe, every star, every street light, every light on every building should remind us that the greatest light of all is coming soon.

“The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light!”

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