What do you think?

I posted the following in our church bulletin last weekend:

Abortion, free contraception, and the right to practice our faith are key issues in both the presidential and local elections.  Based on current polls and the results of recent elections, many of us are not practicing our faith in the voting booth. This may well be the most important election in our life times.  Please pray for guidance during the days that remain before November 6.

It seemed like a reasonable statement, in line with what our bishops are telling us.  Following Sunday mass I received an anonymous note threatening to report me to the IRS for telling people who to vote for.  [As a non-profit organization, we are not allowed to endorse specific candidates.  Noncompliance can result in the loss of tax-free status.]

First, anonymous messages go into the trash, where they belong.  Second, I see nothing in my statement that endorses anyone.  My real concern here is that someone spent time during mass writing hate mail when they should have been focusing on what was happening on the altar.

What do you think?  Is this what the Holy Father had in mind when he declared this a Year of Faith?

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