Paranoia? I Don’t Think So

I know you’re well aware of the US Bishops opposition to the Health and Human Services mandate that Catholic institutions must provide health insurance coverage for artificial birth control and other so-called “preventative medication and services”.  While the news media have made a big deal out of the Church’s opposition to this attack on our freedom of religion, a couple of other stories have received much less coverage.


On February 15 the Vatican received notice from J P Morgan Chase Bank that it’s accounts would be closed effective March 31.  [J P Morgan Chase was the recipient of $25 billion in government bailout money.]


On March 6, the US State Department placed the Vatican, along with 190 other countries, on a list of potential “money launderers”.  The Holy See falls into the category “of concern”, the second highest classification.


I suppose you could call these last two events coincidences.  But it seems pretty clear to me that there’s a definite message here.  If you stand up, speak out, and defend your Constitutional rights, there will be consequences.  The question is, do we as Catholics bow to intimidation tactics, or do we defend the faith regardless of the potential risks?  Ironically it seems that members of other faith traditions, particularly our Jewish brothers and sisters and several protestant denominations, are more upset about what’s going on in Washington DC than you and I are.


To paraphrase Monsignor Michael Witt who is, among his many jobs, the Director of the Office of the Permanent Diaconate, the Bishops have dusted off their crosiers and are using them, not as walking sticks, but as weapons to defend the faith.  They’ve put themselves at the head of this fight and as loyal Catholics, it’s our duty to fall in behind them.  On March 2, representatives of the US Bishops met with the administration.  The Bishops were told that they didn’t understand the Catholic faith.


The bishops have asked us to pray and fast.  If you haven’t already, you should contact your senator and representative and let them know how you feel.  If this assault on the Church and on our Constitution is allowed to stand, the floodgates will have been opened.  Who knows what the next target will be?

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  1. Thanks for sharing this information. God Bless, SR

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