40 Reasons Why It’s Cool to be a Catholic #28 Stations of the Cross

If we had the chance, who wouldn’t want to visit the Holy Land and walk the path that Jesus walked on His way to Calvary?  Unfortunately most of us will never make the actual trip, so we take advantage of the next best thing; the Stations of the Cross.

Wait a minute, Deacon.  I remember the Stations from grade school and they were boring.  There was too much standing and kneeling.  It was like a really slow gym class.

I won’t disagree that the Stations might have been a little tedious when you were ten, but as adults this devotion puts us right there as Jesus made the tortuous trip up the Via Dolorosa to His crucifixion.  If we do this devotion prayerfully, we can almost feel Jesus’ pain as He falls three times, as He meets His mother along the way, how it must have felt to have the nails driven into His hands and feet.

This devotion dates back to the fourth century but stations weren’t normally placed in churches until the 17th century.   Because there are indulgences attached to each holy place represented by the Stations, there are also indulgences attached to the Stations.

Especially during Lent, praying the Stations of the Cross is a very Catholic thing to do.  Plus, if the last time you did was when you were in grade school, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

The Stations of the Cross are definitely cool!

Tomorrow:  Indulgences

3 Responses

  1. To think of the actual pain that Jesus endured is just hard for our human brains
    to comprehend. Does anyone besides me feel inadequate?

  2. All the time Jan, all the time. God Bless, SR

  3. […]  You can earn an indulgence in a lot of different ways.  As I mentioned yesterday, praying the Stations of the Cross is one way.  I’m not going to take the space here to list them all.  The Catholic […]

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