Friday of the Fourth Week of Advent

I don’t want to get all political here, especially on the day before Christmas Eve, but I’ve been wondering about something.  The last few days the news has been all about our elected employees in Washington and their failure to pass a bill extending a tax break.  The deadline for them to act is December 31.  The reason it’s a problem is that they’re all leaving town for Christmas.

Here’s the thing.  The federal government is all about the so-called “separation of church and state”, something that actually doesn’t appear in our Constitution.  They want to remove all references to God and to Jesus.  Even the National tree (Don’t call it a ‘christmas tree’.  That might offend somebody.) doesn’t appear to have any ornaments that reference Jesus or His birthday.  Yet, our religion-neutral senators and congressmen (and women) can’t wait to get out of Washington D.C. to get home for Christmas.

I guess the point of this mini-rant is that even our government employees want to be home for Christmas.  The fact that millions of their employers, that would be you and me, may have to pay more taxes starting January 1 isn’t that big a deal.  How can a person enjoy Christmas, actually celebrate the birth of our Savior, knowing that they’ve failed in their duty to represent us?  It seems like they’re kind of missing the point.

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