Thursday of the First Week of Advent

I fell off a ladder yesterday.  I was putting up Christmas lights.  I remember standing on the ladder and I remember lying in the driveway.  It’s the part in between that seems to have escaped me.  Fortunately I didn’t break anything (except one landscape light) but apparently I have a concussion, soft tissue damage, and a boo boo on my head.

My clumsiness and lack of balance has nothing to do with Advent, but I’ve had some time to think about the whole incident and to reflect on a couple of important points.  First, some of our lights are 10 feet off the ground and some are 30 feet high.  Thanks be to God I decided to fall while putting up the lower lights.  Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t be writing this.

Second, someone saw my  ordeal and banged on the door to let my wife know.  Third, I’m grateful that my wife called 9-1-1, over my objections.

Everything happens for a reason and while I’m not sure why I needed to fall on my head, I know I will find out sooner or later.  Maybe it’s just a lesson in humility, or maybe it’s a sign that I should stay off ladders.  Whatever, I’m grateful to be in one piece, I’m grateful that I can get up and walk around, albeit painfully.  I’m glad to be alive!  I hope you are too.

Have a blessed day and be careful out there!

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