Serandon Calls Holy Father a “Nazi”

Actress (and I use the term loosely) Susan Serandon said in a recent interview that Pope Benedict XVI is a “Nazi”.  Here’s a link to the story from CBS News.  In speaking of Pope John Paul II, she clarified that she was referring to the former Pope, “”Not this Nazi one we have now.”  Bill Donahue of the Catholic League responded that “”it is very hard to find someone dumber” than Sarandon.”

The best response to her comments would be “who cares?”  Serandon’s best days as an actress are behind her.  Obviously this is a publicity stunt.  Like they say, “any publicity is good publicity,” and she needs all she can get.  Why any entertainment figure feels qualified to speak on serious issues is a mystery.  Having the ability to pretend that you’re someone else makes you an expert on nothing.  Serandon’s opinion means has no value whatsoever.

You might wonder if the actress isn’t afraid of a backlash by Catholic movie-goers.  I doubt if she’s too worried.  Sadly, rank-and-file American Catholics aren’t known for sticking up for the faith.  If we love God and His Church we should be outraged by Serandon’s comments and refuse to ever spend our hard-earned money on anything that carries her name.

Sadly, it’s a well-known fact that anti-Catholicism is about the only prejudice that can be practiced in the public square with little or no fear of reprisal.  TV, movies, and main stream media are full of anti-Catholicism every day.

I’m not sure what it’s going to take to make Catholics mad.  If a has-been actress referring to Christ’s representative on earth as a “nazi”, the embodiment of evil, killers of millions of our Jewish brothers and sisters, doesn’t rile us up, I don’t know what will.

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