Saint Ludmilla of Bohemia

So you think you have trouble with your in-laws?  Saint Ludmila is the patron saint of people with in-law problems. (Seriously.  You can look it up.)   Ludmila was the grandmother of Good King Wenceslas.  Wenceslas became king at the tender age of eight years old.  Because Ludmila had raised the boy, she became regent.  The young ruler’s mother, Drahomira, was so jealous of Ludmila’s influence over her son, she had Ludmila killed.

Let me be clear.  You don’t get to be a saint because your in-laws don’t like you, even though it often takes a saint to deal with a spouse’s family.  Ludmila and her husband Borivoj I built the first Christian church in Bohemia, a pagan country at the time.  The people didn’t take to the new religion.  In fact, the Duke and Dutchess were exiled for a while.  They did return and worked for the Christianization of the Bohemian people.

God has given us the saints as examples of Christian life.  Being assigned to a church with a rich Bohemian heritage, I’m learning about a whole new group of holy men and women.  I hope you find their stories as interesting as I do.

If you’re in the Saint Louis area, there’s a statue of Saint Ludmila at Saint John Nepomuk Chapel.

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