Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day can be a bittersweet celebration.  I know my wife had a grand day today with our oldest son and his wife, our daughter, and our three grandchildren.  It was a beautiful day to spend in the park.  She also enjoyed a wonderful Mother’s Day breakfast after mass at Saint John Nepomuk Chapel.

We all did our best to make it a nice day for her.  Sadly, her mom passed away exactly one year ago today.  Anything we did today was tempered by the sadness I know she feels for the loss of her mom.  Not only that but my daughter-in-law’s mother has passed away in the last twelve months making this the first Mother’s Day for her where she didn’t have her mom.

My own mom has been gone for sixteen years and though the pain has subsided over the years, I still miss her.

So today we celebrate our moms and grandmas, anyone else who has played the role of a mother in our life, and we remember those who long to be a mother but haven’t yet been blessed with children.  We than those who are still with us and we rejoice for those whom we know are with God.

Just as Jesus will forever be remembered as Mary’s Son, you and I will be forever be associated with the woman who gave us life.  If you don’t believe that our relationship with our mother is special, try to find an insulting Mother’s Day card.  You won’t, even though insulting Father’s Day cards will be in great supply.

To all the mothers who read this and to those who aren’t physically present in our lives,

Thanks, Mom!

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