In the Gospel today we have another instance where Jesus appeared after His resurrection and the men who had lived with Him for three years didn’t recognize Him.  It seems almost impossible that these guys, the ones who knew Him best of all, would see Him and not know who He is.  But it’s there in black and white, recorded by Saint John.

What does this tell us?  Obviously our bodies will be greatly changed after our own resurrection.  We don’t know what God has in store for us but it must be beyond our wildest imaginations.

We all know places that seem heavenly.  For some people that might be the sea shore, or maybe the mountains.  I’d cast my vote for the Emerald Isle.  The islands in the Caribbean aren’t bad either.  But we’re limited by our own earthly experience.  Heaven must be so wonderful, so amazing, that everything we know pales by comparison.

Everything about Jesus amazes us.  He worked miracles.  He healed the sick.  He walked on water.  But I can’t help thinking that when we leave this life we’re going to be in awe of what we see.  There’s no point in us trying to imagine it.  We just don’t have anything in our experience to prepare us.

We know that Jesus was transfigured when He went up on the mountain.  We also know that when He was resurrected He didn’t appear as He had in this life.  The disciples on the way to Ameaus didn’t recognize Him.  His own Apostles didn’t recognize Him.  And you know what?  I believe you and I have seen Him many times and didn’t recognize Him either.  How do I know?  He told us so.  He’s there in the sick and the poor and those in prison.

So when we see someone less fortunate than us, maybe we should think twice before we pass them by.  We have a lot of brothers and sisters who are in trouble right now.  So many are out of work.  So many are homeless, especially after last week’s storms.  They all need our help and we just don’t know which one might be Jesus.

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