Where was Jesus on “Holy Tuesday”

It’s Holy Week, the week that concludes with Jesus’ death and glorious resurrection.  Sunday was Palm Sunday, the day that He arrived  triumphant in Jerusalem.  We seem to overlook that fact in the mass, focusing instead on his capture and death in the narrative of the Passion.  But, for Jesus and His disciples, this week started off well, but it went down hill very quickly.

On Thursday we’ll commemorate His Last Supper, and His washing of the disciples feet.  Of course on Good Friday, we commemorate His death.  But what happened on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday?  How did Jesus spend these three days?

He knew His death was near.  It’s doubtful that He played golf or went fishing.  We can be fairly sure that He was deep in prayer during these three days, but we don’t have the details.  Maybe it’s because we’re supposed to decide for ourselves how to spend these days.  If Jesus had spent 72 straight hours in the temple, then we might think that’s what we’re supposed to do.  I think it’s another case where the scriptures leave out the details so you and I can decide for ourselves what we’re expected to do.

So, as we go through these last two days before Holy Thursday, maybe you and I should spend some quiet time asking God what He wants us to do.  After all, we each have our own personal relationship with the Savior, it could be that these three days are our days, to be spent in our own personal kind of preparation.

Have a blessed day!

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