5th Monday of Lent

Whether we give up something or add something for Lent, it should be something that’s difficult.  Giving up wind surfing (if you live in the Midwest) or planning to watch more television for forty days aren’t really worthy Lenten objectives.  The problem is if you make your Lenten resolutions too difficult, you might fail.  One of my additions for Lent was to post a daily reflection on this blog.  As you can see, I’ve been absent for the last two days, making my failure very public.

But, and I say this not to justify my own shortcomings, falling off the Lenten wagon can be a good thing.  It’s a reminder that we need God to succeed at anything, even a lowly blog.  My sin of omission is proof positive that I need God if I’m to do anything.  Whenever I try to do something on my own, without the support of God; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, I’m just begging to fail.

My 48 hour absence from the blogosphere should be a reminder to me, and to you, that we’re all extremely fallible human beings.  It’s also a reminder that, when we come up short, the answer isn’t to give up.  We’re expected ask God for forgiveness and the grace to get back up and start again.  With His help, I’ll post ten more times during Lent, three times during the Triduum, and daily during the season of Easter.

Without His help, I can promise you that your humble blogger will fail again.

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