Tuesday of the 1st Week of Lent–It’s the Least We Can Do

We’ve all heard the expression “It’s the least I can do.”  Sadly, we often hear it used in connection with prayer.  “I’ll pray for you.  It’s the least I can do.”  WRONG!!!  Praying is never the least we can do.  In fact, it’s the most we can do.  I’ve seen way too many instances where someone was prayed back to health.  Or some other worthwhile goal was achieved through prayer.  Prayer makes things happen.  When we pray for someone else’s intention, we’re interceding for them with Almighty God, hardly the least we can do.

Let’s just say you have a friend.  This friend works for the local major concert venue.  Your favorite band is coming to town but the concert’s sold out.  So, you ask your friend if he can get you tickets.  You’re asking him to intercede on your behalf to help you get something you can’t get yourself.  If the friend comes through for you, that would be a HUGE favor.  You didn’t ask your friend to pay for the tickets.  You asked him to use his connection, his influence, to help you.  And he did.

Now, let’s say you or a loved one is facing life-threatening surgery.  You ask a friend, or maybe all of your friends, to pray for you.  You’re not asking anyone to gown up and go into the operating room, all you’re asking them to do is to intercede on your behalf with their friend Jesus.  Remember that nothing is impossible with God.  Your friend’s prayers can be instrumental to a successful outcome.

The good news is that every single one of us has a personal connection with the Creator of the Universe.  Asking Him to help a friend is definitely not the least we can do.  Who do you know who could use your prayers today?

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