Just a short post today on the topic of discernment.  To paraphrase Father Thomas Merton, God never gives us the whole answer.  He reveals the truth to us in pieces, but the sum of the pieces never equals the whole because, if He told us exactly what He wants us to do, we would have no free will.  If we knew with 100% certainty that God wanted us to do a thing, we would have to do it.  After all, who can refuse God?

Lately, I’ve been trying to make a decision on a path that I believe God wants me to take.  Unfortunately, there are a number of very good reasons to decide yea or nay, one being my personal capability.  Yesterday, as I was preparing a homily on the feast of Saint John Neumann I read this on the Saint of the Day web site:

For Christ does not give a mission without supplying the means to accomplish it.

Subtle, huh?  That pretty much does away with my last concern.  I have to say that God has always provided me with enough rope to hang myself but He’s also always given me a pair of sharp scissors to cut the rope.  I’ll tell you more about my decision in a few days, but for now, I’ll just say that God speaks to all of us on a regular basis.  The problem is that we don’t always listen.


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