More than Enough

The Gospel today is Matthew’s rendition of the story of the loaves and fishes.  There’s no need for me to tell you what it’s about.  You’ve heard it a thousand times.  Even nonbelievers may use the story as an analogy for someone who makes a little of something go a long way.

It reminds me of an aunt of mine, God rest her soul, who was a little on the frugal side.  Whenever she had company for dinner she’d open one can of corn and one can of green beans.  Not the giant wholesale club sized can (Wholesale clubs came about long after my aunt had gone on to new life.), just a regular sized can.  No matter how hard the rest of the ladies in the family would try to talk her into opening a second can, she always stood firm.

The funny thing is, most people being polite at the dinner table, nobody would ever take the last little bit of vegetables in the bottom of the bowl.  When the meal was over, my aunt would proudly point to the left-over vegetables.  “See, one can was more than enough.”

It’s a funny story.  At least I think it is.  It’s certainly a legend in my family and it’s often brought up when we don’t have enough of something at the table.  But, here’s where the Gospel story and my story come apart.  Jesus really did provide more than enough.  There wasn’t just a little food left over, there was more left than they had started with.  It was a miracle.

So often people, even people who call themselves “Christians” will question whether Jesus can do something.  He fed the multitudes with just a little bit of food.  He walked on water.  HE ROSE FROM THE DEAD!  Do you really think there’s anything He can’t do?  That’s ridiculous!

As we prepare for the celebration of His birth it’s good to think about all the miracles, big and small, that Jesus has performed in our lives.  Start with your getting out of bed each morning and go on from there.  It could take a long time.  Advent is a time for prayer and reflection.  I hope you’re taking some time each day to do just that.

Guess what!  If you take just ten minutes each day to spend with the Lord, you’ll find that you actually get more done that day than you would have otherwise.  He can multiply more than just bread and fish.

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