Rest in Peace, Sandy

Just yesterday I told you about my granddaughter’s baptism this past Sunday.  It was a glorious day as we welcomed another new member to the Church.  Sadly, Morgan’s grandmother, my daughter-in-law’s mom, wasn’t able to be with us.  She was in the hospital fighting the good fight against leukemia and several other health issues.  She was greatly missed.

This afternoon I got the call to be with the family again.  Sandy had taken a turn for the worse and life support was going to be removed.  After waiting for family members to gather, the nurse removed all the tubes and wires that had been keeping her alive and she passed quietly into new life at 2:47.  Father Jim Grey, the hospital chaplain had anointed her just after 1:00 and offered very comforting words to all of us.  When I die, please call for an Irish priest.  They’re the best!

Sandy leaves behind two daughters, one son, and six grandchildren, three of whom we share.  They’re her legacy.  For those of us left behind there is sadness and emptiness.  We’ve lost someone special.  But, for Sandy, today marks the beginning of eternal life, eternal happiness, and eternal freedom from pain.

Farewell, Sandy.  Be sure to put in a good word for us when you meet God face to face.

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