A Pair of Parables

It wasn’t easy to be a disciple in the first century just as it isn’t easy today.  In today’s Gospel (Lk 12:39-48), Jesus has given the disciples a parable when Peter asks the question.

Then Peter said, “Lord, is this parable meant for us or for everyone?”

How does Jesus answer him?  With another parable.  We know that Jesus later explains his use of stories, but in this scene, Peter must have been left scratching his head.

Isn’t it the same today.  When we ask Jesus a question, he rarely gives us a direct answer.  It’s all about free will.  You and I have it.  It’s a gift from God. He never makes us do anything.  We always have a choice.  It’s our choices that help determine our eternal destiny.

But, if He tells us what to do, as believers, we have no choice.  If we pay attention, He will give us clues; bits and pieces of an answer.  But it’s our free will that will ultimately decide.  If we value our freedom, then we don’t want God to tell us what to do.

Another problem that many of us have is that we spend a few minutes in prayer, telling God how to be God (Give me this.  Fix that. Lord, give me patience.  Do it now!) and asking Him for guidance (Lord what do you want me to do?) then we plug in the iPod, or turn on the television and we wonder why He doesn’t speak to us.

Guess what?  He’s speaking to us all the time.  We’re not listening!

Most civilized people would never ask someone a question then turn and walk away before he has a chance to answer.  Shouldn’t we give God the same consideration?

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