The Exultation of the Holy Cross Part 2

As I was sitting in church this morning, contemplating the cross, the Spirit came to me with an inspiration.  This often happens after I think I’ve written the perfect homily.  I used part of what I had planned but I added this.

Though the centuries we’ve found new and creative ways to kill one another, especially in the name of “justice”.  We’ve invented the guillotine, the gallows, the electric chair, and lethal injection.  We’ve executed people via the firing squad and even by walking the plank.  One feature of all these things, including the Cross, is that the guest of honor must be restrained.  He may have his hands tied behind his back.  He may have his hands bound to the arms of a chair.  Or he may be totally restrained on a table or gurney.

Only the cross held the condemned in a position with hands outstretched.  As Jesus predicted in today’s Gospel, “The Son of Man must be lifted up”.  Again, crucifixion was/is the only instrument of death that could fulfill that prophesy.  He was indeed raised up, on the cross, with His arms extended, inviting us to join Him.

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