Happy Birthday, Mary

Birthdays.  We all have ’em, whether we want to or not.  Every year, just like clockwork.  Mine’s coming next month.  I’d just as soon skip the whole thing, but at least this year the government’s going to have to start sending me money every month, so I guess it’s not so bad.

Normally we don’t celebrate saint’s birthdays.  Rather than celebrate the day they entered this world, we celebrate the day they entered into eternal life.  In fact, we really only celebrate two birthdays–Jesus’ and Mary’s.

It’s pretty obvious why we celebrate Jesus’ birthday.  The birth of the Messiah is definitely something we want to remember.  We remember Mary’s birthday because without her, Jesus couldn’t have been born.  Her birthday is the key to the whole thing.  We know that from the time of her Immaculate Conception, she was something special.  She was conceived without sin, born without sin, and died without sin.  That’s the only way it could have been.  Our Lord and Savior had to be born of a sinless mother.

Today, as we celebrate her birth, we recognize our own sinfulness and thank God for the fact that He chose to send us His Son, born of a virgin, to allow us to escape this world and to spend eternity in paradise.

So Happy Birthday, Mary.  Thank you for saying “yes” to God.

It’s very appropriate that this feast falls on Wednesday this year so we have an opportunity to venerate Mary in our Perpetual Hope devotion, which starts right after our communion service.  It’s not a long devotion, but it’s very special, especially today.

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