A New Member of the Family

I met my new granddaughter today.  Morgan Lynn Buckley drew her first breath at 11:15 this morning.  She was almost two weeks ahead of schedule but still weighed more then seven pounds.  She is, without a doubt, the cutest baby ever!

As I laid my hand on her chest and felt her tiny lungs pumping the first of many millions of breaths in and out of her small body, I couldn’t help but wonder what the future holds for her.

This is such an uncertain world.  Even though I know that God will hold her in the palm of His hand, we live in precarious times.  Economies are failing, countries (including our own) states and cities are out of money.  There is an element at work in the world that would like to see our country go down in flames.  Sadly, I’m afraid our enemies are more interested in our future than many of our own citizens.  That’s not a good situation.

But my vocation is to preach hope and I take it seriously.  God will provide for the faithful ones and that’s what keeps many of us going.  I can’t quite understand how people without faith get out of bed every morning.

So I’m full of hope for all my grandchildren including little Morgan who’s only hours old and our unborn grandchild due in Mid-August.  I hope you’ll forgive me for worrying just a little bit.  Isn’t that what grandfathers are for?

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