The Stations of the Cross

On Friday mornings during Lent we have the Stations of the Cross at our parish.  The Stations begin with a prayer asking for forgiveness of our sins and promising to avoid sin in the future.  Notice that we begin with the same prayer every time.  It says a lot about us, don’t you think?

Last Friday we asked for forgiveness and promised to do better yet here we are, just seven days later, asking for forgiveness again, and promising to do better again.

It begs the question: Are we lying to God when we promise to avoid sin?  Or are we just so imperfect, so human, that we’re not able to avoid sin?  (I know.  That’s two questions.  I just can’t avoid the sin of asking too many questions.)

For most of us, the answer is B.  We’re human.  We’re sinners.  There have only been two people in all of history who were without sin.  (And poor Joseph had to live with both of them.)  That’s why we need to constantly ask for God’s help in our battle against our own sinful natures.

I meant what I said last Friday, but here I am saying the same prayer again.  And I’ll be back next Friday and the Friday after that knowing that no matter how hard I try, I will sin.  Thankfully I also know that no matter how many times I sin, I will be forgiven if I just ask.

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