March 10, 2010

Isn’t it amazing how scripture written thousands of years ago can be so relevant to the times we live in?  It’s pretty clear that the writers were divinely inspired.

Take today’s first reading, for example.  (Deuteronomy 4:1, 5-9).  Moses, tells the people that they should observe the statutes and decrees that the Lord has given them through Moses.  He says that by observing these things, they will prove to the nations that they are wise and intelligent.

“This great nation is truly a wise and intelligent people” He asks “What great nation is there that has gods so close to it as the Lord, our God, is to us, whenever we call on Him.  Or, what great nation has statutes and decrees that are as just as this whole law which I am setting before you today?”

Sound familiar?  Wasn’t the United States seen to be a truly wise and intelligent nation?  Didn’t we grow from thirteen colonies into the greatest nation on earth, against all odds?  Didn’t our founders establish laws that were just?  The world had never seen anything like it and the foundation of our legal system can be found in the Ten Commandments and in the words of Jesus Himself.

But Moses also warns the people to take care and to be on guard not to forget the things that their eyes have seen nor to let them slip from their memory.  He ends by saying, “Teach them to your children and your children’s children.”

So how did we get from where we were to where we are now?  How did we go from “one nation under God” to a nation where God is being driven out of secular life?

Jesus gives us part of the answer in Matthew’s Gospel, (Matthew 5:17-19) “Whoever breaks one of the least of these commandments and teaches others to do so will be called the least in the Kingdom of heaven.”

God gave us abundant natural resources, vast amounts of land, and a system of laws that’s the envy of the rest of the world.  But being human, some of us have taken these things for granted.  First we just ignored God, now there are those in our country who are openly defiant of God, worshiping material goods and movie stars.  As the majority of us, Americans who believe in the one true God, sit watching quietly, the United States drifts farther and farther away from our ideals.

Moses told the people to teach the commandments to their children and Jesus warned us that whoever teaches others to break the commandments will be called least in His Kingdom.  I think we all  have some work to do.

One Response

  1. I see your point. It is something I want to explore more and maybe even write about sometime. We started teaching “one nation under God,” but as soon as someone went against that, they taught elsewise. Before you know it, that multiplies. It is interesting, yet semi dangerous. Do your best, follow Truth, it is all we can do.

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