Why Should He Hear Us if We Don’t Hear Him?

As I was looking over the readings today it was the Responsorial Psalm that caught my attention.  The Lord, speaking through the Psalmist says”

“My people heard not my voice,
and Israel obeyed me not;
So I gave them up to the hardness of their hearts;
they walked according to their own counsels.”

Don’t these words, written thousands of years ago, apply just as well to us today?

The Pilgrims came to America seeking religious freedom.  Our country was founded on religious freedom.  We were a Christian country and we were richly blessed.  Even as a small start-up nation, we prevailed over our enemies.  We never lost a war until Vietnam.  Since then, our victories have been few and far between.  Prior to September 11, 2001, the American mainland was untouched by acts of war.  Since that day, we have lived in fear of additional attacks.

The Psalm goes on,

“If only my people would hear me,
and Israel walk in my ways,
Quickly would I humble their enemies;
against their foes I would turn my hand.”

The so-called “sexual revolution” began in this country in the 1960s and it’s been all downhill since then.  As we Christians stand by and watch our country embrace the “values” of secularism, how can we ignore God’s words?  Or a better question might be, “How can we expect God to hear us if we don’t hear him?”

The good news is that what was once a murmur of voices questioning the direction of our country is becoming louder.  It’s not quite a roar yet, but it’s at least a rumbling.  Like an approaching thunderstorm, or an oncoming train, it’s getting louder and stronger.  I’m convinced that the key to all of America’s problems lies in these two simple passages of Scripture.

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