The First Wednesday of Ordinary Time

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“Here I am Lord.  I come to do your will.”

In the first reading Samuel is called by the Lord.  He’s confused, thinking it’s Eli that’s calling him.  After he’s been awakened three times, Eli tells Samuel that it’s the Lord calling and he should answer Him.  (Whether Eli really believed it was the Lord or if he just wanted Samuel to leave him alone, we can only guess.)

But Samuel takes Eli’s words to heart and when he’s called again, it turns out that it really was the Lord calling.  Eli was right.  Which begs the question, how many times has the Lord called you and me, only to be disappointed when we didn’t answer?  Maybe we were too busy, making too much noise ourselves to actually hear the Lord.  Or maybe we heard Him but didn’t recognize who it was.  Or worst of all, maybe we did hear Him but pretended not to.  After all, sometimes the Lord asks things of us that we don’t want to do.

Looking back with 20/20 hindsight, I can see that I was called more than once to become a deacon.  God was very persistent.  And I was very resistant.  Fortunately for me, I finally got the message.  That’s one!

Now I wonder how many other times He may have called me to do something and I didn’t respond, for one reason or another.

If we truly love God and want to do His will, the least we can do is spend some quiet time each day just listening.  We might just be surprised what we hear.

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