The Ninth Day of Christmas

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“I am the voice of one crying out in the desert, ‘Make straight the way of the Lord.'”

Do you sometimes feel like John the Baptist when he spoke these words?  I know I do.  We may feel like we’re living in a spiritual desert when we turn on the television or pick up the newspaper and are faced with the reality of modern life.  It can be overwhelming.

It took the city of Saint Louis less than an hour to record the first two homicides of 2010.  We read daily of the loss of life in the Middle East.  And the abortions.  Thousands of American babies murdered every single day and it’s hardly noticed.

There is much work to be done.  So much that we do feel like “voices crying out in the desert.”  But it’s a new year and a new beginning and that always inspires hope because we know that with God anything is possible.  So rather than make a “new year’s resolution” that you may or may not be able to keep, maybe a better idea would be to resolve to make things better this year in our respective corners of the world.

I recently attended a dinner with Archbishop Robert Carlson.  He gave us a very simple challenge.  Imagine if each of us would bring one person back to the Church.  What a difference that would make!  We can do that.  Then God can take it from there.

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