Mary, the Mother of God

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Today we celebrate the Blessed Virgin as the Mother of God.  No, we don’t worship Mary as some of our separated brethren might think.  We worship only God.  But how can we worship Him and not hold His mother in the highest regard?  After all, even before she was born, God chose her to bear His son.

But even the Almighty Creator of the universe had to depend on Mary’s saying “yes” to a plan that must have seemed outrageous to such a young girl.  But she had the faith to submit to God’s will and bear the Son who would save us all.

One of my favorite songs at this time of year is called “Mary, Did You Know?”, especially when it says, “Mary, did you know that when you kiss your little baby that you kiss the face of God?”  What a great line.

But couldn’t you say the same thing to any mother?  Jesus is present in all of us and every little baby’s face is the face of God.  As you celebrate this special day, look at a baby, at a mother, or especially at an expectant mother and recall this simple line.  It says so much in such a few words.

God bless all mothers, and especially our Blessed Mother, whose feast we celebrate today.

[Full disclosure.  My oldest son and my youngest son both informed us on the same day that we would again become grandparents next summer.  As you might imagine, I’m especially aware of the miracle of birth during this Christmas season.  God’s face is definitely part of our Christmas celebration this year.]

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