Merry Christmas Eve

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We’re almost there!  At my parish the first mass for Christmas is just a few hours away.  I’ll be preaching at midnight mass which we celebrate at 10:00 pm.  Considering the large turnout we always have, I’ve been working on  my homily for a while.  I also preach this weekend, so my limited creativity is really being tested.

Later today I’ll be posting my Christmas homily and that will be my contribution to the blogosphere for tomorrow.  For today, I”ll just say that I hope this is the most blessed, holiest Christmas you and your family have ever had!

My prayer for you is that you enjoy the day, take pleasure in the giving and the receiving, and take time out to remember why we do all this.  There has never been another day like that first Christmas day so long ago and there never will be again.  It was a day so significant in the history of the world that every day since has been measured by that one day, even by those who don’t share our faith.  Two thousand and nine years later, we’re still celebrating.

So raise a cup of egg nog and toast the little family that became three in a manger stall so long ago and far away.  Thank God for sending us His Son so that our sins could be forgiven and we can look forward to an eternity in paradise.

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  1. Thank you, Deacon, for your service. I will be discerning to become a deacon over the next year or so.

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